Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Let every heart prepare him Room" - Christmas Lights Begin

As missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we welcome the opportunity to prepare our hearts for the season of His birth, and to invite all to find room in their lives and hearts for the Savior.  
The missionaries from the Visitors' Center had a joyful experience preparing for the Christmas season as they helped with the preparation of this year's Christmas Lights that will be displayed on  the Mesa Temple Grounds.    
Becky Jackson with the love and support of her husband and family lead the hundreds of volunteers who come to help.
Brother and Sister Jackson lovingly teach us how to prepare the lights

The Wise Men await more lights!

Hermana Alcocer, Castillo, Luna, Sister Ballard and Elder Cameron work on the "fountains"

Sister Greene and Pickett add lights to one of the Wise Men

Sister Rios, Pajaro, Orr, Ganta and Finau carefully wind new lights on the other Wise Man

Sister Beaudette, Alcocer and Grow 

Sister Jeppson, Beaudette, Brons, Lund and Leon create a new "fountain"

Sister Taumarawa and Duffin's smiles are bright as the lights

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Visitors' Center Sister Training Leaders

Sister Jeppson and Sister Pickett lead the sisters in the Visitors' Center with gentle, inspired and loving leadership

Sister Pickett's Birthday is the only August Birthday in the Visitors' Center - Happy Birthday, Sister Pickett!

Monday, August 4, 2014

New sisters arrive from around the world

Sister Ganta from India joins the sisterhood in the Visitors' Center

Sister Finau will assist in her training as her first companion

Sister Pajaro joins us from the Philippines 

Sister Rios from Peru will assist Sister Pajaro as she learns about the Visitors' Center

Sister Kohler comes from "far away" Utah:)

Sister Younce from North Carolina will help Sister Kohler learn about the resources in the Visitors' Center

Sisterhood in the Visitors' Center

Sisters Pickett and Beaudette serve together once again after serving as companions in the Missionary Training Center

The Brown Family share in Mission Experience

Sister Brown's family experience the places and people she has grown to love while on her mission

Memories of Farewell Breakfasts held in the Temple Presidents' Home come to mind as they visit