Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Traveling the World in the Teaching Center

Each day the Visitors' Center sister missionaries have the opportunity to reach someone across the globe.  It may be reaching someone in East Mesa, Arizona, or it may be someone in India who is seeking truth and wanting to draw closer to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ. 
On Friday, April 17th, our Preparation Meeting Training focused on the opportunities in the Teaching Center to approach people in their homes across the earth - seeking to bless their lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sisters Practice approaches to speak with people

Sisters learn new ways to teach across the miles

The Assistants to President Jenkins practice as they visit the Preparation Meeting

Sisters Anderson, Gonzalez, Willes and McNeely pause for a moment as they contact people in the Teaching Center

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Estra Ward Primary at the Visitors' Center

The Estra Ward Primary came to the Visitors' Center on Saturday morning, April 18th.
The children were dressed in their best dress, and were especially polite and reverent during their time in the Visitors' Center.
Sisters Lund and Guevara involved the children as they told stories of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, Samuel the Lamanite and the Liahona in Spanish.  They sang songs in English and in Spanish.
We love having these young children come and participate in activities at the Center.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Count it all Joy"

Elder Bowers lead our team building activity on Monday for the Visitors' Center.  He taught us some line dancing steps that provided far more exercise than we expected.  And in his words from James in the Bible:

"Count it all Joy!"
Exercising as a group brought joy and unity as we followed Elder Bowers' instruction

April Birthdays were celebrated following the activity

We celebrate the birthdays of Sister Greene and Makaya

Institute Choir Performs at the Christus

The Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler Institute Choir prepare for annual concert at the Christus

Music of the Savior is sung near the Christus statue

Easter Pageant Memories

The stage and setting of the Easter Pageant brought a moment to have pictures taken to remember the wonderful production teaching us of the Savior's life and teachings.

Sister Kohler and Makaya

Sister Duran and McNeely

Sister McSheehy and Beach

Sister Gonzales-Calderon and Stringfellow

Sister Willes and Ganta 

Sister Zamudio and Castillo

Sister Greene and Guevara

Sister Lloyd and Pajaro

Sister Hernandez and Embley

Sister Gonzalez, Anderson and Aguilar

Sister Lund and Alcocer

Sister Grow and Tingey

Elder and Sister Ashton

Elder and Sister Cameron

Elder and Sister Bowers

Friday, April 10, 2015

Because I have been given Much

Sister Duran and Sister McNeely have the opportunity to share as they serve with a friend in their Ward
They loved baking bread and sharing with those in need

Sister Duran assists as she kneads the bread

Happiness comes in learning new skills and sharing the results of their labors

A kind neighbor and friend from the Ward shares her baking knowledge and kitchen

The final product!

Celebration of a Mission Lovingly Served

Sister Bowers prepares the pancakes - plain, blueberry and chocolate chip for the Farewell breakfast honoring Sister Castillo

Sisters gather before breakfast

Sister Castillo is an example of diligence and love as a missionary and as a friend to all

Gathering following the testimony meeting at the Christus