Monday, December 29, 2014

December Days Draw to a Close

Sisters Alcocer, Rios, Tingey and Castillo lead us through the last December days of Christmas Lights
The Journey to Bethlehem

Elder and Sister Ballard and Sister Rios with the Visitors' Center Sisters after their Farewell Christmas Dinner

Sister Ballard is in charge of the fun and games

The sisters draw a Christmas Picture as instructed without seeing their art work!

Sister Aguilar 

Sister Del Valle and Castillo try to imagine their creations

One of the prize-winning pictures

The Necklace given to the sisters as a Christmas gift from the Senior couples


President Henry B. Eyring relates his experience in one of the towers of the Salt Lake Temple.  He was in a room that has seldom, if ever, been used since the Temple was dedicated.   He talks about the expert pioneer craftsmanship and discusses the loving way the craftsmen worked not to be seen of men but as an expression of their love of the Father and His Only Begotten Son.   
That simple story is emblematic of your work in the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center.  Your labor is not to be seen of men—it is rather an expression of your love for the Father and His Only Begotten Son.  How they must look down upon you with approval and love.
 We do not choose where we were called to serve; however, we do choose how we will serve.   Thank you for serving valiantly.
We pray that the choicest blessings of heaven will be yours because of the way you serve: tirelessly, selflessly, carefully, and lovingly.  You are not given to see or to know all of the people whose lives you touch and whose “sights” and “hearts” are lifted to God because of your service.  The Savior, however, knows and He approves. 
We hope that this necklace, a replica of the doorknobs that allow entry into the Salt Lake temple, will remind you of whom you serve, why you serve, and that you do no need the applause of men.  As you wear it close to your heart please know that the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost know you perfectly-observe your service-and smile.

Feast of Sight and Sound - LDS Church News Article

The LDS Church News Article on December 7th 2014 featured an article about the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights and Concerts

Special Blessings come in December

Elder Allan F. Packer, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, his wife Terri, and her mother, Sister Bennett, surprised us with a visit to the Visitors' Center in December.  Elder and Sister Packer greeted the Sister Missionaries following their prayer meeting prior to beginning their shift during "Christmas Lights"

Elder Cameron and Elder Allan Packer renew their friendship, having served previously on the Young Men's General Board together

Elder and Sister Cameron were invited to place the Baby Jesus in the Manger during Christmas Lights

A humble and tender experience 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Lights Photo

Christmas Lights and bright countenances prepare for the Season
Elder and Sister Cameron

Elder and Sister Ballard

Elder and Sister Bowers

Sister Pajaro and Whitten

Sister Stringfellow and Orr

Sister Green and Taboada

Sister Del Valle and Lund

Sister Pickett and Tingey

Sister Taumarawa and Beaudette

Sister Anderson and Duffin

Sister Ganta and Grow

Sister Castillo and Alcocer

Sister Rios and Kohler

Sister Embley and Mayorca

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Evening with Christmas Lights

Our friend photographer, Jimmy, blesses us with wonderful sites

Joy to the World

The Visitors' Center sister missionaries were asked to sing for the Mesa Temple workers and leaders for their Christmas devotional and breakfast.  
Sisters find joy in giving a gift of music to the Mesa Temple workers

Sister Julie Colton practices with sisters before their performance

Joy in practicing

Singing in the Devotional

Sisters Grow and Lund find joy in sharing the Gift

Phoenix Mission at the Visitors' Center

The Phoenix Mission came to the Visitors' Center as part of their Christmas Celebration.  They were instructed by the sister missionaries on ways that they can teach those who are learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the resources at the Visitors' Center.
President and Sister Griffin lead the group

Sister Grow and Makaya teach at the Christus Statue

Sister Alcocer and Castillo help the missionaries at the Savior of the World room

Friday, December 5, 2014

Season of Lights

The Mesa Temple Visitors' Center just got brighter with the arrival of 7 new Sister Missionaries!

Sister Kohler will guide Sister Beach from Washington in her new calling as a Visitors' Center Sister Missionary

Sister Greene will train Sister Aguilar from Virginia

Sister Whitten will train Sister Duran from the Philippines

Sister Taumarawa will be a trainer for Sister McNeely from California

Sister Hernandez from Las Vegas will be guided by Sister Embley 

Sister Aguilar from Utah will enjoy Sister Del Valle's guidance

Sister Grow will help Sister Makaya from Hawaii

December Birthdays were celebrated with Pumpkin rolls made by Sisters Ballard and Bowers
Sisters Aguilar, Ganta, Taumarawa and Alcocer are honored in December