Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Visitors' Center Re-opens with New Exhibits

Following a 7 week closure, the Visitors' Center has new carpet, upholstery and three new exhibits 

Testimony is powerfully born in English and in Spanish about the Book of Mormon in this exhibit

"8 Stories" tells the story of 8 missionaries following them before, during and after their missions

The display includes 1500 missionary name tags

Janet's story is inspiring for all who view her life as a missionary

In the Book of Mormon stations an individual is able to participate in reading the Book of Mormon, being directed to specific scriptures covering the Doctrine of Christ. They are instructed by those who have read the Book of Mormon and know the truth of the message contained in the book. 

"I'm a Mormon" tells the story of 25 different members of the Church allowing others to understand their faith and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Fit for the Kingdom 5K Race

On Monday, November 23rd, the Arizona Mesa Missionaries participated in a 5K race on their preparation day.  The missionaries have been seeking to strengthen themselves both spiritually and physically to be prepared to serve "in the kingdom".

Excitement before the race

Sister Emily Lund was the one who planned the race. She is here with Sister Jeppson and Anderson

Sister Trane ran the race in 33 minutes!

Sister Duran, Anderson, McNeely and Ganta

Sister Gonzalez-Calderon and Mc Sheehy

The Visitors' Center sisters are ready for the race

Family of the ward mission leader came to cheer us on

Elder Ashton with family from Utah who came to participate at Thanksgiving time

Elder and Sister with their grandson before the race

Elder and Sister Whiting came from San Carlos and lead the couples in "speed walking"!

Sister Hernandez and Makaya feel the energy

Sister Beach, Kohler and Stringfellow

After the Race: The missionaries gathered and then stood to recite the Arizona Mesa Mission Statement

Sister McSheehy was the first of the sister missionaries to come across the finish line - and Elder and Sister Cameron were happy to make it to the end!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Favorite Exhibit comes to the Visitors' Center

Sister Susan Fuller and twenty-five helpers prepare the International Nativities Display which will be viewed by thousands of visitors during the Christmas Lights Season.

Dedicated volunteers spend many hours arranging displays

Every detail including labeling of nativities is considered

Sister Trane and Ashton lead the sisters in singing to Sister Susan Fuller in appreciation for her devoted service

Sister Weight arrived in time to enjoy the Christmas Lights season, and is trained by Sister Hernandez

Sister Weight joins us from Utah

Sister Loynd is lead by Sister Gonzalez-Calderon

Sister Loynd is from Oregon

Sister Fuller is thanked by the sister missionaries 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Lights and the Joy of Serving

November brings the excitement of preparation for Christmas Lights and "Super Saturdays". The members of the surrounding stakes come to the Mesa Temple grounds to participate in the events of the day beginning as early as 6:00 a.m.  Each stake and ward has an assigned area to decorate with lights.

Volunteers gather for instructions

Fragile lights are carefully unwrapped 

Stacey Farr is surrounded by strands of lights and brings her own joyful "light" to every aspect of the task as she directs the entire project of Christmas Lights

A family of six participates 

Each stake is responsible for a designated area

Nothing keeps the volunteers from coming to help