Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Visitors' Center Re-opens with New Exhibits

Following a 7 week closure, the Visitors' Center has new carpet, upholstery and three new exhibits 

Testimony is powerfully born in English and in Spanish about the Book of Mormon in this exhibit

"8 Stories" tells the story of 8 missionaries following them before, during and after their missions

The display includes 1500 missionary name tags

Janet's story is inspiring for all who view her life as a missionary

In the Book of Mormon stations an individual is able to participate in reading the Book of Mormon, being directed to specific scriptures covering the Doctrine of Christ. They are instructed by those who have read the Book of Mormon and know the truth of the message contained in the book. 

"I'm a Mormon" tells the story of 25 different members of the Church allowing others to understand their faith and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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