Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fit for the Kingdom

The Arizona Mesa Mission participated in the first "Fit for the Kingdom" walk/run race on Monday, November 24th. Over 250 missionaries sprinted, ran, walked and survived the 5 K race!
Sister Lund planned and organized the race from"start to finish"!

Sister Lund, Ballard and Tingey make sure all the details are in place as the race begins

Fit for the Kingdom banner of flags

The Finish Line Flags became "Fini" - the French word for finish

Joyful anticipation at the beginning

Adrenaline adds to the excitement

Sisters Rios, Kohler, Grow and Ganta

Sister Pickett and Beaudette 

Sister Tingey and the Bowers

The Inglish's are ready for the start

Elder and Sister Cameron 

Elder and Sister Hartley

The Race Begins!

Final Preparations for the Christmas Lights and Concerts

Community volunteers, the Mesa Temple Engineers, Garden Crew and Visitors' Center Missionaries work together on the last few days before the lights are turned on
Elder Collier instructs helpers how to assemble the stage for the Christmas Concerts

Elder Cameron enjoys helping with the stage

Brother Trujillo and Alger add their skills in assembling the stage

Sisters Taumarawa, Anderson, Beaudette, Duffin and Grow assist the Hollingsheads set up the large tree in the Front Greeting Area of the Visitors' Center

Sisters Taumarawa and Kohler put the final lights at the top on the tree

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - November 21st Story Time

The sister missionaries hold the last story time before the beginning of the Christmas Lights season
Sisters Rios, Kohler, Ganta, Grow, Lund and Del Valle prepare to teach stories of Jesus 

Children sing Hello song

The children participate in the story of the Savior calming the sea

Mothers and children sing "Do as I'm Doing"

The "Wise Man and the Foolish Man" is a favorite song

Elder Bowers enjoys handing out fish crackers after the story of the Savior feeding the 5,000

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the Dark Streets Shineth the Everlasting Light

In December with the coming of winter nights, the Christmas lights surround the gardens of the Mesa Arizona Temple and lead us to our Savior, the Everlasting Light.  

The shepherds pay homage to their newborn King

A garden of lights

International Nativity sets are displayed in the Visitors' Center
Let Heaven and Nature sing
Many lands are represented in the display
Brightly colored depictions of the Savior's birth
Japanese Nativity
The message is the same in many lands
The warmth of the Savior's message unites the light that is found within and surrounding the Visitor's Center

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book of Mormon Stories in Action

Book of Mormon Stories were acted out as the children learn about prophets, the gold plates, and guidance by the Liahona.
Sister Taumarawa acts as Samuel the Lamanite, accompanied by Sisters Stringfellow, Orr, Anderson and Duffin

Sisters Lund, Stringfellow, Orr and Del Valle hold props used in the stories

Sister Taumarawa, Lund and Beaudette are ready to welcome the children

Sister Orr greets one of the little ones 

Sister greets a friend with her children as they arrive at Story Time

Mothers, cousins and grandmother enjoy this time together

"Do as I'm Doing" is the song to begin the hour

Sister Taumarawa as Samuel the Lamanite

Story Time for the "Young" and the "Young in Heart"

Story Time continues for the young children and their parents and grandparents.  The stories of Jesus were shared on November 7th and enjoyed by all who came and participated.
The Story of the loaves and fishes was a favorite with Goldfish crackers to take home at the end of the stories
Sisters Greene, Taboada, Mayorca, Embley, Pajaro, and Whitten greet the children and families

Sister Pajaro welcomes one of the first to arrive

Always ready to make everything sound better with her musical talent on the piano, Sister Embley is there to help

Three generations enjoyed the experience of story time on November 7th

The parents have fun along with their children as they hear stories and sing songs about Jesus

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book of Mormon Stories

 The children learned of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the translation of the Book of Mormon from the gold plates at the beginning of the Story Time on October 31st.  They were also taught about Samuel the Lamanite and the Liahona.

Sister missionaries Castillo, Pickett, Tingey and Alcocer along with children acted out the Story of Samuel the Lamanite

Samuel stood on the Wall

The children learned that Samuel was a Prophet and that we have a Prophet today on the earth

A new song about Samuel the Lamanite was accompanied by Sister Embley and the children  sang  "Follow the Prophet"

Sister Castillo and Sister Alcocer taught the young children about the Liahona and how it led Lehi and his family when they were obedient.  The children learned that we can be guided today by the scriptures as we choose to do what is right.