Saturday, May 31, 2014

Visitors' Center Happenings

Avalon Ward Youth Group performed baptisms for the dead  in the Mesa Temple and explored the Visitors' Center
Sisters Jeppson and Alcocer assist Elders Rippstein and Niko with guests in the Center

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Working Together in the Visitors' Center

Visitors' Center sisters collaborate with full field missionaries to improve teaching in the Visitors' Center

The Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center serves missionaries from five missions:  Arizona Gilbert, Arizona Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Scottsdale, and Arizona Tempe.  The Center has consulted with each of the mission presidents and discussed how to provide a more focused way to assist full-field missionaries. 
In response to this collaboration, when full-field missionaries call the Center to schedule a teaching room or theater, they are asked for some information about the needs of their investigators.   Aided by this information, the Center sisters are able to provide suggestions of Center resources that will assist the full-field elders and sisters in meeting their investigators’ needs. 

The Center sisters feel like they are fulfilling their purpose as explained in Preach My Gospel through this service and the missionaries who bring investigators have commented about their excitement in learning how to use the Center to assist them in teaching and answering questions.  This cooperation in maximizing the resources of the Center is blessing the lives of all concerned. 

Sister Castillo assists Elders Roundtree and Goodwin in the "Savior of the World" exhibit

Sister Finau consults with Sisters Andrus and Doolhoff from the Scottsdale Mission

Sister Luna and Duffin assist Elders Clark and Hornsby in teaching a family about the "Armor of God"

Elders Clark and Hornsby and those being taught experience "God's Plan for His Family"

Sisters Grow and Avanesjan teach a YSA Ward

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Creativity combined with Hospitality

The assignment of "Hospitality" is assigned to one of the sister missionaries to make greetings and birthday posters for the missionaries' "Cubbies" (individual lockers).  The Hospitality sister uses her talents and creativity to make thank you cards and any other posters or banners that may be needed for those who have helped at the Visitors' Center.

Sister Hourrutiner, the current Hospitality sister, uses her artistic talent to create birthday and welcome greetings

Birthday greeting for Sister Mayorca

Happy Birthday Sister Taboada

Welcome Sister Grow

Welcome Sister Embley

Welcome Sister Castillo

Mothers Day Greetings for the Senior Sisters

May Birthdays

We celebrated the missionaries whose birthdays are in the month of May following the May 16th Preparation Meeting at the Visitors' Center.  Elder Andrus added just a few years to the total count of years!
Sister Taboada, Sister Younce, Sister Mayorca and Elder Andrus

A selection of Orange cake, Jello Cake and Texas sheet cake, made the celebration complete  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Visitors' Center Welcomes New Sisters

Sisters Leon and Mayorca welcome Sister Castillo 

Sister Castillo from California!

Sister Embley from Utah!

Sister Taboada and her new companion Sister Embley

Sister Avanesjan and her new companion Sister Grow

Sister Grow from California!
We are delighted to have these three sisters join the team of wonderful and committed sister missionaries at the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center.

Visitors' Center Training of Newly-arrived Missionaries

As part of a new initiative in the Arizona Mesa Mission, a one hour training was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2014, for thirteen new missionaries who have recently been assigned to the mission.  The Visitors' Center sisters instructed the new missionaries in ways the Center exhibits and videos can help them in bringing their investigators closer to the Savior.  President Jenkins of the Arizona Mesa Mission announced that each new missionary will receive this training within the first week of his or her service.

The Visitors' Center Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Brown, Orr and Finau, speak to new missionaries

Sisters Avanesjan and Grow in Savior of the World Exhibit

Missionaries learn about the Book of Mormon Exhibit and messages presented in the interactive panels

Sister Weedman and Beaudette - the panel of life's questions

Sister Duffin reviews the messages which are available in the Witnesses of Christ Exhibit 

Sister Luna points to the Diorama of Jerusalem which depicts events in the life of Jesus 

Sister Luna demonstrates how children can participate in the Neighborhood Exhibit

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gardening together on an early Mesa morning

Our Visitors' Center is blessed to be on the beautiful grounds of the Mesa Temple.  As an expression of our love and appreciation for this place, the missionaries, both sister missionaries and senior couples, used part of their Preparation Day to assist the late spring clean-up and planting of summer flowers.  As with all service, the blessings of unity and togetherness made this a sweet experience

The service project was supervised by Christine Webb, the temple grounds gardener

Gardeners in pink

Happy Together!

This beautiful hibiscus is a first on the Mesa Temple Grounds

Mothers Day Blessings

A "Garden of Girls"  bring Mothers Day happiness to the Senior sisters as they prepare to speak with each of their mothers

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Mesa Temple Visitors' Center Hosts the Dana Ward Council Family Home Eveneing

The Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center Hosts the Dana Ward Council Family Home Evening—May 5, 2014

All of the members of the Dana Ward Council and their spouse and children, under the direction of

Bishop Eyring, were hosted at a Family Home Evening at the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center. Forty

members of the Dana Ward watched “God’s Plan for His Family” together and then were divided into

groups to learn about (1) how the Visitors’ Center could increase their individual spirituality and family

solidarity; (2) how the Visitors’ Center could help members of their ward auxiliary organizations come

closer to the Savior; and (3) how each member could be assisted in introducing friends who are not

members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the gospel. Under the direction of Sister

Brown and Sister Tingey, the children sang Primary Songs, heard Book of Mormon and Bible Stories,

and were taught to put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6:11-17 complete with breastplate, helmet,

sword and shield “in order to quench the fiery darts of the wicked.” The adults were divided into two

groups: One group going, under the direction of Sister Orr, Sister Leon and Sister Taboada were taken to

view the Christus, watch the new film (April 2014) presented by the First Presidency and visit the Savior

of the World exhibit; the second group, under the direction of Sister Finau, Sister Tamurawa, and Sister

Weedman viewed the kiosks introducing the importance of Temples, the Book of Mormon and Special

Witness of Jesus Christ. The adult groups then rotated and at the conclusion of the evening the group

met for a closing prayer. Members of the Dana Ward Council were then invited to Bishop Eyring’s home

for refreshment. For 40 people this proved to be a wonderful and spiritual family home evening.
Bishop Eyring and the Dana Ward Council