Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Working Together in the Visitors' Center

Visitors' Center sisters collaborate with full field missionaries to improve teaching in the Visitors' Center

The Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center serves missionaries from five missions:  Arizona Gilbert, Arizona Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Scottsdale, and Arizona Tempe.  The Center has consulted with each of the mission presidents and discussed how to provide a more focused way to assist full-field missionaries. 
In response to this collaboration, when full-field missionaries call the Center to schedule a teaching room or theater, they are asked for some information about the needs of their investigators.   Aided by this information, the Center sisters are able to provide suggestions of Center resources that will assist the full-field elders and sisters in meeting their investigators’ needs. 

The Center sisters feel like they are fulfilling their purpose as explained in Preach My Gospel through this service and the missionaries who bring investigators have commented about their excitement in learning how to use the Center to assist them in teaching and answering questions.  This cooperation in maximizing the resources of the Center is blessing the lives of all concerned. 

Sister Castillo assists Elders Roundtree and Goodwin in the "Savior of the World" exhibit

Sister Finau consults with Sisters Andrus and Doolhoff from the Scottsdale Mission

Sister Luna and Duffin assist Elders Clark and Hornsby in teaching a family about the "Armor of God"

Elders Clark and Hornsby and those being taught experience "God's Plan for His Family"

Sisters Grow and Avanesjan teach a YSA Ward

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