Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Easter Pageant Preparations

During the entire year devoted members of the church give hours of service to prepare the costumes, stage and attend to details of the Easter Pageant.   
Sister Kay Walker supervises the seamstresses who work every Tuesday of the year to prepare the Pageant costumes.
Brother and Sister Jackson introduce us to the work area, as they prepared for Christmas Lights, evidence that these workers work all year long!

Fabric lines the walls of the sewing room

Thread used to sew the costumes

Details that adorn the individual costumes

One of the High Priests costumes

Costumes are a work of art

Roman soldier costume

Fond Farewell

Two sister missionaries whose service has been an example to each of us, return home prepared to continue sharing the light of the Gospel with all those they meet

Sister Taumarawa and Sister Taboada return home

Senior Couples ready for Farewell Breakfast

Sister Ashton welcomes sisters with her music

Sister Taboada returns to Bolivia

Sister Taumarawa returns to Kiribati

J Reuben Clark Law Society Visits the Center

The J Reuben Clark Law Society participated in a tour of the Visitors' Center and Temple Grounds 
Sisters Duran, Tingey, Kohler, Grow, Beach, Whitten and Lloyd welcome the Law Society with their singing under the direction of Sister Ashton

Sister Grow explains the resources at the Center in the Savior of the World room

Lawyers learn about the Temple and Grounds

Elder Cameron talks about the history of the Mesa Temple and shares some interesting facts about the exterior of the temple

Our friend and gardener of the grounds, Chris Webb leads a tour in the gardens surrounding the temple and visitors' center

Monday, February 16, 2015

February Story Time Begins

Story Time Returns

Sister Zamudio teaches children about the Liahona

Elders Williams, Karlinsey, Meng and Parker help set up chairs as a service to prepare for Story Time 

Children sing as they gather for the first story

Sisters Del Valle, Beach, Pajaro, Taumarawa, and Aguilar teach about Samuel the Lamanite and following the Prophet

Sisters Taboada, Zamudio, Stringfellow and Castillo teach about the Liahona and the way we can be guided in our lives when we are obedient

Sisters Del Valle, Grow, Whitten, Duran, Taumarawa, Stringfello, Taboada, Beach, Zamudio, Makaya, and Aguilar sing with the children

Sisters Taboada, Castillo, Taumarawa, and Stringfellow 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February at the Visitors' Center

February Birthdays celebrated for Sister Cameron, Embley, Gonzalez, Hernandez and Bowers

Valentine greetings are sent to the missionaries' families as sisters think fondly of those they love

Elder and Sister Ashton and Elder Cameron 

Sister Tingey Beach, Greene, Embley, Pajaro, Hernandez, Kohler, Lloyd and Guevara 

Sister McNeely created the Valentine letters to send to her younger sister for Valentine's Day.  She poses with companions Sister Taumarawa and Ganta in the Teaching Center
Families prepare their children for baptism by bringing them to the Visitors' Center, teaching them the importance of the promise they make to follow the Savior as they enter the waters of baptism

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet the Mormons in Spanish

Meet the Mormons is shown every night in the Visitors' Center in Spanish at 7:00 p.m.

A Multi-generation Family enjoys watching Meet the Mormons in Spanish

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Heritage remembered on Preparation Day

The faith of our pioneer heritage was remembered as we gathered early morning on Preparation Day to watch the story of the Mormon Pioneers who sacrificed all to come to a home in the West where they could worship freely