Monday, February 16, 2015

February Story Time Begins

Story Time Returns

Sister Zamudio teaches children about the Liahona

Elders Williams, Karlinsey, Meng and Parker help set up chairs as a service to prepare for Story Time 

Children sing as they gather for the first story

Sisters Del Valle, Beach, Pajaro, Taumarawa, and Aguilar teach about Samuel the Lamanite and following the Prophet

Sisters Taboada, Zamudio, Stringfellow and Castillo teach about the Liahona and the way we can be guided in our lives when we are obedient

Sisters Del Valle, Grow, Whitten, Duran, Taumarawa, Stringfello, Taboada, Beach, Zamudio, Makaya, and Aguilar sing with the children

Sisters Taboada, Castillo, Taumarawa, and Stringfellow 

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