Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Visit from Brother Jason Mitchell of the Missionary Department

Each year the Visitors' Center receives training from the Missionary Department.  This year President and Sister Jenkins instructed us about testimony and true conversion. Brother Jason Mitchell taught about seeing those we meet with a clear perspective and teaching with the "end in mind".  

The Meeting began with the Sisters singing "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"

Sister Ashton leads the choir with Sister Wood accompanying

Sister Bowers creates a beautiful table for the refreshments

Brother Jason Mitchell with Sisters Ganta, Gonzalez, Zamudio, Lund, Duran and Casey

President and Sister Jenkins with Sister Whitten and Kohler

New Sisters come to the Visitors' Center in May

May brings new flowers on the grounds and new sisters in the Visitors' Center

Sister Gutierrez will be trained by Sister Stringfellow and Sister Gonzalez

Sister Gutierrez 

Sister Metsatahti  is trained by Sister Makaya

Sister Metsatahti from Finland will spend her final transfer in the Visitors' Center

Sister Anderson and Sister Grow will lead the sisters in the Visitors' Center for the May-June Transfer

Con el Salvador al Lado

The Visitors' Center held a musical fireside on Sunday,
May 10th featuring music in English and Spanish

Chairs were set up in the Christus room for the program

The sisters sang Con el Salvador al Lado (If the Savior Stood Beside Me) 

Sister Ashton practises with the missionaries, with Sister Wood accompanying

Monday, May 25, 2015

May Story Time

One more Story Time before school ends for the summer

Children gather for Story Time

President and Sister Jenkins with their son and grandson attend Story Time

A favorite part of Story Time is  singing together

Sister Pajaro talks with children 

Sister Tingey, McSheehy, Grow and Willes visit with children
Elder Bowers is a favorite as Goliath

Memories of a Mission Well Served

Sister Tingey 's Mission is remembered as we reflect on her leadership, hard work and dedication in the Teaching Center

Sister Tingey helped plan first Story Time held in the Visitors' Center on Pioneer Day 2014 

Farewell Breakfast held in the Templeview Club House

Waffles, Syrup, Stawberries and Cool Whip

Fond Farewells following Sister Tingey's parting words and testimony

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Flowers and Birthdays

Sisters celebrate Sister Kohler's and Elder Ashton's May Birthdays

Blossoms on the Jacaranda tree on east side of the Visitors' Center

Each season new flowers appear

Day Lily

Hibiscus on east side of the Temple

Bougainvillea by Pear Cactus

Begonias newly planted for summer weather

Snapdragons along walkway to Temple

Geraniums remain before the summer heat

Lantana plants in yellow and white

The Cactus surprise us when they bloom

The Cereus Night -blooming Cactus

Cereus Night-blooming Cactus grows in the Cactus Garden on the West Side of the Temple
It blooms only once a year and the blossoms are short lived.
Another name for this cactus is princess of the night