Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Flowers and Birthdays

Sisters celebrate Sister Kohler's and Elder Ashton's May Birthdays

Blossoms on the Jacaranda tree on east side of the Visitors' Center

Each season new flowers appear

Day Lily

Hibiscus on east side of the Temple

Bougainvillea by Pear Cactus

Begonias newly planted for summer weather

Snapdragons along walkway to Temple

Geraniums remain before the summer heat

Lantana plants in yellow and white

The Cactus surprise us when they bloom

The Cereus Night -blooming Cactus

Cereus Night-blooming Cactus grows in the Cactus Garden on the West Side of the Temple
It blooms only once a year and the blossoms are short lived.
Another name for this cactus is princess of the night

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  1. Love the blog, thanks for sharing. Miss you all!