Thursday, May 15, 2014

Visitors' Center Training of Newly-arrived Missionaries

As part of a new initiative in the Arizona Mesa Mission, a one hour training was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2014, for thirteen new missionaries who have recently been assigned to the mission.  The Visitors' Center sisters instructed the new missionaries in ways the Center exhibits and videos can help them in bringing their investigators closer to the Savior.  President Jenkins of the Arizona Mesa Mission announced that each new missionary will receive this training within the first week of his or her service.

The Visitors' Center Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Brown, Orr and Finau, speak to new missionaries

Sisters Avanesjan and Grow in Savior of the World Exhibit

Missionaries learn about the Book of Mormon Exhibit and messages presented in the interactive panels

Sister Weedman and Beaudette - the panel of life's questions

Sister Duffin reviews the messages which are available in the Witnesses of Christ Exhibit 

Sister Luna points to the Diorama of Jerusalem which depicts events in the life of Jesus 

Sister Luna demonstrates how children can participate in the Neighborhood Exhibit

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