Friday, December 5, 2014

Season of Lights

The Mesa Temple Visitors' Center just got brighter with the arrival of 7 new Sister Missionaries!

Sister Kohler will guide Sister Beach from Washington in her new calling as a Visitors' Center Sister Missionary

Sister Greene will train Sister Aguilar from Virginia

Sister Whitten will train Sister Duran from the Philippines

Sister Taumarawa will be a trainer for Sister McNeely from California

Sister Hernandez from Las Vegas will be guided by Sister Embley 

Sister Aguilar from Utah will enjoy Sister Del Valle's guidance

Sister Grow will help Sister Makaya from Hawaii

December Birthdays were celebrated with Pumpkin rolls made by Sisters Ballard and Bowers
Sisters Aguilar, Ganta, Taumarawa and Alcocer are honored in December

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