Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Profound yet simple expression of love

Connie and Aerian Rainwater
Be Nice to My Jesus

"Be nice to my Jesus".  A simple yet profound outburst from a tiny 27 month old girl.  My granddaughter, Aerian, and I were sitting on the Mesa Arizona temple grounds, and I wondered if she was getting anything out of the pageant.  It was the mob scene where Judas betrays Christ.  Lights were dim and the mob was shouting "crucify Him, crucify Him."  Christ was being whipped and beaten.  In the midst of the noise of the scene I heard the simple proclamation of love and understanding.  "Be nice to my Jesus."  Aerian was on her feet yelling at the mob to be "nice to her Jesus."
It was her third year for my granddaughter to attend the pageant.  It had been many more than that for me.  The year is now 2014.  The Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant has blessed me with more than 50 years of personal and family tradition.  This is my 15th year as a member of the cast.
The 27 month old girl, Aerian, is now 13 years old.  It is her 9th year in the pageant.  Aerian was 4 years old the first time we auditioned.  She is a beautiful young woman whose testimony has been strengthened as she continues to be part of our rich family tradition of the Mesa Easter Pageant.
Each year we choose a plan of action to invite others to attend the pageant.  It is our hearts' desire for all to know of and feel our Savior's love.
May we all have the faith and love of a toddler and recognize, He is "My Jesus."
By Connie Rainwater, Mesa Arizona

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