Monday, September 1, 2014

How Firm a Foundation for Families

The Mesa Temple Visitors' Center was blessed to be a place of refuge for families.  Over thirty years ago, President Elder Boyd K. Packer, in the Dedicatory Prayer of the Visitors' Center, prayed that "homes and families might be blessed"..."parents struggling and anxious over their children"...."couples that are struggling to find a relationship with one another"  - would all receive blessings here.

In the Visitors' Center families are able to find guidance and renewed hope for the challenges they face as they learn from the teachings and presentations found  in the Center.

Three Generations visit the Center together

Sister Rios teaches three future missionaries

The Papago Ward family gather at the Christus statue after  viewing the "Testaments" video  together

Family Home Evening in the Visitors' Center 

Families learn about Pioneer Heritage at the 24th of July Story Hour 

Firm foundations are built as families learn from many resources and listen to the words of the Savior near the Christus statue 

A mother and children are guided to exhibits by Sisters Grow and Lund 

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