Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Worship through Service

In living the two great commandments, loving God and loving one's neighbor, the Christmas lights' volunteers at the Mesa temple Visitors' Center are letting their actions reflect their worship and devotion.  Their handiwork in setting up the lights show reverence to God's Plan of Happiness and the centrality of Jesus Christ in that Plan.  Sharing the lights at Christmas with over one million visitors annually is a way of assisting others in coming closer to the Savior of the world and His Father's plan of happiness.

The first night time view of the Christmas lights this season

Hundreds of volunteers use their skills to set up the lights

With his father on the lift, the son adds helpful perspective from below

Another father and son team wrap the trees

All ages enjoy help with the preparation

The  lights for the Palm Trees

The lights are hung at the top of the Palm Trees

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