Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pioneer Day Reminds us of our Heritage

On July 23rd the Mesa chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers joined with the Visitors' Center in hosting an evening honoring Arizona Pioneers
The evening began with the Twin Fiddlers, Jason and Jared Linford
Presentations followed about the Mormon Battalion, Arizona ancestors and  Arizona pioneer women

Sister Helen Schlie brought an original copy of the Book of Mormon for visitors to see

Jason and Jared Linford - the Twin Fiddlers delighted the audience with their music 

Brother Owen Garner, dressed in the typical uniform worn by  the Mormon Battalion, shared the story of their experience in Arizona and the significance of their contribution to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The missionaries are ready for the Pioneer Day stories, songs and crafts to begin!

Sister Guevara is excited for "The Great Escape" story
Sister Green, Lloyd, Aguilar, Duran, Morris, Ricks and Willes are ready for the activities

Sister Lund and Anderson hosted in the theaters 

Elder and Sister Bowers led the Campsite dance

Sister McSheehy, Gonzalez, Kohler and Beach

Brother Jesperson who played his harmonica in the Betsy Buttons Story with Elder and Sister Ashton

Sister Wood, Ashton, Bowers and Cameron

Brother Garner and Elder Cameron
Elder Cameron managed the huge crowd by showing videos and "God's Plan for His Family" exhibit

Sister Lopez and Stringfellow at craft table

Three generations join the festivities

The children participate in singing and listening to pioneer stories

Betsy Buttons and Buster Buttons for coloring

Sister Whitten and Smith supervise the stick pull game

"I have a little Prairie dog and he won't bite you" game

Pioneer girl, whose mother made 14 bonnets for the VC sisters to wear, joins the group

Sister Kohler, Pajaro and Lloyd tell Betsy Buttons Story

Sister Alcocer and Hernandez tell "The Great Escape" story

Sister Ricks, Lund, Zamudio and Morris accompanied by Sister Embley lead Pioneer Trek story

Dressed as a Mormon Battalion member, Brother Garner, with Sister Ganta

Sister Helen Christensen tells of the Miracle of the Gulls

Chris Webb led garden tours around the Temple Grounds

Sister Preston takes a moment to rest in authentic pioneer attire

Children join in the pioneer dance

"Pioneer Children sang as they Walked" led by Sister Duran, Gonzalez-Calderon, Anderson, Willes and Beach

Sister Beach and Pajaro

Little pioneer boys

Sister Gonzalez, Ventanilla and Grow sing "Little Pioneer Children"

The Whirlygigs made from buttons and string

Sister Ganta and Makaya help with Whirlygigs

Elder Price and Green supervise "Stroller Parking"

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