Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Super Saturday before Easter Pageant

Sister Leon meeting the donkey!

Sister Taboada has fun with the donkey
The stage for pageant

Families working together to Bless their Community through the Easter Pageant
Tents set up on the Saturdays before the Pageant
Entire families are in the cast together.  These photos were taken on Super Saturday, the first rehearsal for the Easter Pageant where all members of the cast assemble with their costumes.  The day begins with a devotional in the morning and then proceeds to the grassy area in front of the visitors' center.  To minimize the effects of the Arizona sun - each family has their own tent which they position facing the stage - reminding us of King Benjamin's people with their tents open toward the Temple.  Families express their love for God and for the Savior and bring the gift of their time and talents to the entire community of Mesa.

All 8 children participate in the Pageant

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