Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wards and Families beautify the Gardens around the Mesa Temple and Visitors' Center

Families and Wards Beautify the Gardens
Families and Wards and Stakes love the Mesa Temple and Visitors' Center and Gardens
They are regular helpers on the Temple grounds maintaining the beautiful gardens

Never too young to help


  1. So beautiful! We are grateful for their help in making the temple grounds look perfect for the Pageant!

  2. Sister Cameron...this is going to be great! I love seeing all of the pictures of the Visitor's Center. I think my family will appreciate it too, seeing as sometimes I forget to take pictures...whoops:) We love you and thank you for putting time into this!

  3. Chris, you are doing a marvelous job with this blog. The pictures of beautiful plants and flowers make me long for springtime. After this YOU will be the expert! Janet