Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Pageant Preparations continue as March 25th approaches

Elder Cameron is invited to see the view from the top of the Pageant stage by director Jenee Prince and Pageant President Steven West

View from the top of the stage shows how families spend the Super Saturday practices with  shelter from the sun using tents and awnings as they wait for their call to the stage

View from the top of the stage

Sisters Beach, McSheehy, Pajaro and Lloyd pose with the Solomons

The Solomons are friends year round, and are especially welcome at Easter Pageant time

Dancers anticipating their time on stage

The Choir of Angels pose in front of the Temple

Some of the  Ten virgin dancers pose with their lamps 

Hermana Hernandez and Roman Soldiers

Brother Simeona helps out in the Center while the Visitors' Center Sisters have a picture taken on the stage

Young member of the cast and the member who plays the role of the boy Jesus direct us to the picture of Jesus teaching in the Temple

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