Thursday, March 12, 2015

Working as one in the Easter Pageant

Early on  Saturday Mornings before Easter, families gather with tents, coolers, shade awnings, lawn chairs and joyful countenances to prepare for Super Saturday practice for the Easter Pageant
The Pageant cast of 500 participants work together as one - both as families and in the larger Pageant family

The Sescandon Family are the first family to arrive

The Sescandon family of ten are participating for the first time in the Pageant

The Sescandons joined the church four years ago and their oldest son is currently waiting for his mission call

Blankets are welcome in the cool morning air, and the awning will bring shade as the sun brings unseasonably warm temperatures later in the day

Norm and Miriam King and Barbara Abney prepare lunch under their awning awaiting their practice call

The cast gather as they are instructed at the stage


  1. Great posts, it's so nice to keep up with what is going on. Sounds like great things are happening. Good luck with pageant. We miss everyone.

    1. Thank you, Gloria, Wish you could be here for Easter Pageant - what a delightful time of year!